Saturday, August 3, 2013

Customer's Picture of Hexie Box

Linda requested the hexie box pattern, which is free.  She made the following boxes with the free pattern.

The purple and the printed box are made out of cardstock. The plain white was made out of a cereal box.  Great for recycling!

Here is what she said:

"Dear Aveli,  I am sending pix of my attempts at making hexagon boxes.  The cereal box boxes were fine and I, like you, go for function vs. pretty :). It helped to score with the retracted end of a pen on the wrong side  to make fold lines.  Out of curiosity I did buy a couple sheets of scrapbook paper.  Being less stiff, it made sharper folds. I hope that you can see the differences."

As a thank you gift, I am sending her a packet of Hexie Freezer Shapes. Thank You Linda!

You too can get a free packet of Precut Hexagon Freezer Paper Shapes.  Anytime you use one of our products, take a picture and include a short comment or tip and email it to us.

When we use your picture and comment, we will mail you a free packet of precut hexagon Freezer Paper shapes.

Meanwhile. . .
Keep on Quilting!


Finally Pink Baby Quilt is Done!

 I haven't been posting the past few days because I have been diligently frantically working on getting this pink baby quilt finished!

Well, Here it is!  I just finished the binding and took some pictures to post.  I didn't put any quilting on the border.  But now that I look at these pictures, I see that the border is still crooked!!!  I guess that I will have to add some kind of quilting in the border to "hide" the crooked wrinkles that I see in the left lower corner and the upper right corner.  I have no idea how that happened! Maybe because I was in a rush to finish before my daughter comes next week.


 This is a close up of the hand quilting that I did. It doesn't look too bad! Does it?

 There is not much else I can do to improve it, now that it is finished.  I will add a little quilting in the border during this week.  It shouldn't take too long.  Plus, I have to wash it and wrap it in a box.

Now since that is finished, I can get back to my string quilt!  Oh, wait, I have to wait until my daughter leaves from her stay here with us!  

I can't possibly be sewing on the sewing machine because it is in the cabin where they will be staying.  I can't move it because all my sewing supplies are in there too!  Oh well, I guess it's time to get back to my hexagon "insanity" quilt while she is here!

I love my hexagon project! It is still a long ways away from being put together, but I love the hand work.  I am still forming the individual hexies and then forming the individual flowers for the center.

I will post pictures of my progress later this week.

Meanwhile . . .
Keep on Quilting!



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well Almost Done!

I thought for sure I would finish the pink Irish chain baby quilt for the neighbors great grandbaby today!

But, it seems that although I have finished my hand quilting on the blocks, I can not mark the border for quilting because it is slightly askew!!!

I can't believe that I missed that when mounting the quilt on the frame!  Anyway, I have to fix that before I can finish the binding and I am reconsidering putting any kind of quilting on the border. I so hate ripping things out that I thought were done.  So maybe I can finish tomorrow!  Tonight I am physically finished!  I quilted like a madwoman for the last week and half to get this done and the baby doll quilt too.

I am coming down to the wire to get this done before my daughter arrives next week.  Why do I have to finish it now? Because once my daughter and granddaughter are here we are going to party!  No time for quilting!! Unfortunately!  But she is only going to be here for a week, so I have to make sure every minute is spent with them and enjoying their presence!

Soooo, tomorrow is another great day to quilt!

In the meantime, everyone keep on quilting,