Thursday, March 13, 2014

Working Hexies Just For Fun

Here is a picture of my latest folly! Half Inch Hexies!!

I layed out the project on top, but you can barely see it here.

Please notice that the hexies are as big as the thimble, bobbins or my fingertip. I thought it would be fun to make a small project . . .just for fun so I can say I did it!  So I decided to make a dresser scarf.  That pink, grey and red strip on the top of the picture is the project.

They actually don't take long to form around the foundation papers. What takes a long time is making enough of them to cover anything! Since I am using freezer paper for the hexies, I don't have to deal with pins or glue, just iron then on to the fabric.

I will keep you posted on this project.

Next time I use this size, I will make coasters . . . LOL!

Can't even imagine doing a king size quilt!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fantastic Vintage Machine!

I just finished sewing my "Bonnie Hunter" style "crumb" strips with my crazy quilt squares to make the sewing machine cover shown below for my Vintage Singer Treadle Sewing Machine.

I did all the sewing on this treadle machine.  It is still a little sluggish. But with a little more TLC and elbow grease it will soon be flying! I have been cleaning and adjusting for several months.  The stitching is great but the treadling movement is hard and its supposed to be easy. So I figure I still have more work to do on the cleaning and adjusting.


I didn't use a pattern for the cover. Just measured from one end to the other of the machine and from the top to the bottom.  Then I cut rectangles and sewed them together with the crumb strips.  My sewing is a little crooked because I am just starting to learn how to treadle. 
Now that I finished the format of the cover I will embellish it with lots of beads and embroidery.  Since the machine is of a vintage age, I think the cover should be embellished in vintage style also.