Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yesterday we went to visit my husband's cousin. He lives just 7 miles down the road and up the mountain. We wanted him to meet our youngest son, who was visiting for a few days.

Just as we drove into his yard, it started hailing, hailing and increasing in amount and size. By the time we dashed up the stairs to the porch, they were a mixture of  sizes of nickels and quarters. Ouch! I was lucky enough to not get hit by the "quarters" but my husband, his cousin were not as lucky. Our car was pelted for over 20 minutes by this surprise storm.  We were expecting rain, but not hail!

It was over as quickly as it had started. . . no rain, the clouds parted, and the sun shone so brightly on the melting hail in the trees. So much so that it looked like they were decked out in diamonds all over.  So beautiful!

My son met a cousin he did not know about or had met before. We chatted and were served home made flour tortillas wrapped around some home made refried beans with cheese.  Great burritos! Sun tea,  iced and sweetened made lunch perfect!

After lunch we took a walk further up the mountain to check out the progress on his guest cabin that he is building.  Beautiful work! It has a loft! I would love to be a kid and sleep up there!! LOL!!

After the cabin tour, we left for the town of Mora, another 7 miles down the mountain. That is our local town to get basic supplies like gas and Ice Cream! Yummy!

All in all it was a very nice day. This morning, I got an early start and was missing my son because his visit was so short. He left yesterday after the ice cream.  So this a.m. I immersed myself in my sewing and cutting some scraps into triangles, squares, and strings for the basket weave quilts. Yes, I said quilts! I have decided that I will make only basket weave quilts for my children. That way there is no complaining about colors or styles! LOL!  So, I will be cutting my scraps and sewing basket weave string blocks for a while!!