Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Beautiful Antique Sewing Machine

I am so much in love with my antique Singer treadle sewing Machine.  But, when I saw the hand crank Singer sewing machine on some website that I was visiting I knew I had to have one!

I found several of them for sale on different antique sewing machine websites, craigslist and ebay.  Most of them were way out of my budget.  I kept scouring and scouring the ads until I found this little number.

I bought it right away!  It arrived today! Here are some pictures of it. It was made in 1892 according to its serial number.

It is in great condition and it has an owners manual!

The decals look great

The coffin case is almost falling apart on one side but I think it's fixable.

I tried sewing with it and it sews great. It needs to be cleaned as it seems it has a lot of dirt, no gunk though!
I am making this short, because I want to play with it. I really like that it is smaller than most machines from this era.