Sunday, May 24, 2015

60 Degrees With Frozen Mix

What does that mean? 60 degrees with frozen Mix? How is that possible?

Usually when it is 60 degrees, it's Spring, the sun is shining and occasionally a cool breeze. Frozen Mix is a mixture of rain, sleet, hail, snow. Is 60 degrees cold enough to create sleet, hail, snow? I don't know.

I just wish all this crazy weather would wind up and go away. I know, I know, I should be thankful compared to the weather nationwide.

Anyway, I will be working in my sewing room today on the baby doll quilt.  Hopefully the power will not go out today.

Although, I do have my trusty handcrank Singer!

I will post the pictures tomorrow or maybe tonight if I am ambitious enough to do two posting in one day.  Or is that three?  Oh well!

Until then . . .

I'll be here stitching and talking . . .