Friday, June 12, 2015

Leaving Again!

Well, Tuesday I did not have time to sew on the machine, but I did do some hand sewing on my hexie projects.

Notice I said projects . . . I have three hexie projects going now.

I have my one inch "Insanity" quilt, a 3/4" table topper and as a test a 1/2" coaster sets. The 1/2" coasters are almost complete but then I don't work on them very often because the manipulation of that size really hurts my hands. It is just a test to see how to work with them. Then after I made the first little coaster, I had to make enough for a set . . . 6 or 8, I haven't decided yet.

My 3/4" table topper is another experiment! I have heard so many people describe the 3/4" hexagon size as "so cute" and "easy to work with".  So I tried it both to see how it was to work with that size and because I sell that size on my website

Well it seems I really like the illusion of small compared to the one inch, but I think the table topper is as big as I am going to get. I will post pictures later.

As for the title of this post, yes we are leaving again! This time, it is for a joyous occasion. My oldest grandson is graduating from high school and we are going to attend.  I will try to keep in touch by mobile posts. We won't be gone long so keep on coming back.  I will have plenty of pictures to share when I get back.

Meanwhile, keep on quilting!