Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beautiful Summer Day!

So all this time in my previous posts I have been posting pictures of our yard during winter. But I have neglected the summer!

Our Summer is so beautiful, a little rainy, but always super green. These pictures don't even begin to show the thickness or depth of the grass in our yard. The hills that surround us are also very lush and green.

Here is our yard in the winter . . .

This is the view from our cabin door.

Our wood pile in the winter

Same wood pile during summer

We had the apple trees trimmed of all dead wood so they look much better and green.  Alas, because of the freeze during spring we did not get any apples this year! Maybe next year.

  Since we have had a lot of rain my roses have finally started to grow and bloom!

These are climbing roses and I am hoping that they will climb all over the pipe fence along one side of our yard. I planted these in the spring but they didn't seem to do very well. I thought they were going to die and then all of a sudden they started growing!  Hopefully by next year they will be fully grown on the fence.

Till Next time. . .