Thursday, August 29, 2013

Busy Weekend and Labor Day

The family barbecue was a huge success!  I am so glad that everyone showed up, enjoyed the food and stayed late!  My sister in law and hubby and his sister were the last to leave. They seemed like they really didnt want to leave.  I told them to spend the night. . .we have the extra room! I think they would have stayed but they already had another barbecue to go to the next day and they were leaving today for Albuquerque and then for California.  They did promise to come and spend a couple of nights with us next time.  They totally fell in love with the beauty of the area . . .everyone does.

Friday we are going to "Bean Day" at Wagon Mound.  Wagon Mound is a small town just Northeast of Las Vegas, New Mexico.  They have a big celebration for Labor Day and call it Bean Day.

Saturday, we are off to the flea market again in the morning.  Then, we are going to a local fund raiser dance in the evening.  I expect to dance a lot with my husband. We love to dance! This fund raiser is for the local school.

Sunday, the is the annual Cleveland Mill Fest.  This is a big local event every Labor Day weekend. It is another small town but this time just past the town of Mora.  It has tours of the water wheel powered flour mill that used to operate in the area. It has been restored and is operational, but is not used for grinding flour any more. There are lots of vendors of all types -- food, candy, crafts of all sorts, music and performers of various talents.  Lots of fun for three days! No entrance fee!

Monday, back to Wagon Mound for the barbecue and Rodeo!

So you see, We are going to be pretty busy this weekend!  Very little time for sewing or quilting, darn!  But!!! I will be working on my string basket weave quilt in the early morning hours before we leave for all this activity, LOL!

Hope you all have a safe Labor Day Holiday and maybe get in some quilting!