Sunday, September 15, 2013

Go Milikan Rams!!

Yesterday my oldest son called to say that he had sent me a link so I could read the "Press-Telegram" sports article about Milikan High School. My grandchildren attend that high school in California.

Well it seems that Milikan won the previous Friday night game. A major contributor to that win was our grandson. The opposing team fumbled and our grandson recovered the fumble.  Milikan then scored because they got the ball from that recovery.  It was a great game . . .my son said. He didn't even realize it was our grandson until they announced who recovered the fumble.  We are all excited about the whole thing.

It was a great play, one of the best plays in the game. It was so great that on Saturday, the sports writer mentioned our grandson's name in the article about the game! That is so incredible! Long Beach is a very large city, the Press Telegram is a very large newspaper,  there are tons of high schools playing on Friday night.  To get a line of mention in that paper is a big deal!

I asked my son to send us a copy of the paper so we can see the real article!  Proud grandparents! We talked to the "star" later on Saturday afternoon.  He was very excited! So are we!  He said that he just ran forward and jumped on the ball and "grabbed the ground". He also said he wished he had thought about running with it, he could have made a touchdown! We love you grandson!

Oh! By the way, I am still working on the strips for my daughter's cookie project.  So, no quilting today.  Maybe I will work on my crosstitch project later this afternoon . . .need to get it finished by October.

Well that's it for today. . .

Meanwhile, keep on quilting . . .