Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Rain!

The rain has finally ceased! Now the state of New Mexico has to pick itself up and clean up and repair before the snow starts! There is so much damage from all the flooding and mud. We were very lucky, we had no damage at all!  One place has the only entry and exit flooded. They can not go out or anyone go in.

The governor has said they will take supplies into the area, but there is no place to land the helicopters. They are going to try backpacking the supplies into the little town!!! I have one question . . . if the residents can't come out or go in, how are the backpackers with supplies going to get in????? Just Wondering!!

I just heard there is no federal help because the amount of damage does not qualify.. . there has to be more damage!  Really??

Other than the flooding, deaths from flooding and mudslides, people losing everything, there's really nothing to write about today.

My news pales in comparison to the current events in the state's news.  I don't even have any exciting news about a football game or soccer game or volleyball game or wrestling competition.

All I did today was sew! I am still sewing the ribbon strips for my daughter's cookie project.  And I also sewed on my blocks for my scrappy string basket weave quilt.  I have almost finished sewing all the blocks I need. Since I am sewing on the strip ribbons for my daughter's project, it is slowing down the finishing of the basket weave quilt.  But that's o.k. I love helping my kids.  I just wish I could sew faster!! LOL!

In the meanwhile . . .everybody keep quilting!


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