Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beginning again

I realized after quilting two rows across the width and two cross wise small sections that my quilt was askew. No amount of tugging and fudging was going to straighten it.

So, I made the dreaded decision to rip out and start over again!!! Oh my!!

I took all my supplies and my quilt into our nearest town of Mora, to the conference room at "Tapetes de Lana", a local rug weaving enterprise.  They have several rectangular tables for use and as long as they are not booked they do not charge to use for private purposes such as mine.

I gathered the tables together in the center of the room in the shape of a large rectangle.

Then I started laying out my quilt, First the backing, which I taped to the tables. Then I layed the batting on top of that.  After I got the batting nice and smooth, I layed the quilt top.

After I got the whole thing nice and straight, I pinned the leader cloth to the edges, inserted the bars and with my husband's help rolled the whole thing onto the bars. This whole process took about three hours because I was doing most of it by myself while my husband did some errands in town.

When we finished rolling we went home and mounted the bars onto the frame.

NOW I am ready to hand quilt it. It is nice and straight and I have learned never to rush when you are mounting a quilt sandwich onto the bars.