Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yes, We Have No Quilting Today!

It's been a couple of very busy days here. I have had to actually do my job and cut several orders. So I have not even touched a needle or machine for almost five days.

I am in quilting hell!  LOL! No quilting, no sewing, no applique! Oh my!

Tomorrow is my last day of cutting, I have finally caught up.

We are awaiting a snow storm and a cold front in our area. It won't be as bad as in the east but it's the kind of weather when a home made pot of soup is great! My husband was kind enough to oblige in the soup department while I cut the orders and brought in enough logs for the stove to last for two days. So we are prepared to sit out the storm.

So hand quilting here I come! YAY!!